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Basic Knowledge Required For A Beginner Graphic Designer To Create A Print

As a beginner level Graphic Designer there are a few important things which you should note as well as avoid certain mistakes to end up with a good quality print output. Certain mistakes could even create a serious impact on the final product. Furthermore each print run you get done by a Digital Printer is quite costly. Therefore you would not want to make such costly mistakes in the first place and gain the necessary knowledge you need to create a design suitable for printing.

Important Graphic Design Factors To Consider
The color mode is one of the fundamental factors you should consider when creating a graphic design. There are two major color modes, namely, RGB and CMYK. Digital designs normally use RGB color schemes on the monitor but it tends to create problems when you are creating a design for prints. If you do not select the CMYK mode, the design you create may look great but it might not be the same when printing with regular inks.

When you have lettering in your graphic design which you may be creating for a best business or for your own learning purpose, you must make sure that they are legible to the viewer. The font and line weight must be carefully in such instance. For instance fonts such as Helvetica Ultra Light tend to disappear when going into large sizes as it has very fine lines. Other factors you need to consider include:

  • Setting the correct resolution
  • Consider the bleed
  • Always proof read and run a spell check

Questions To Ask The Digital Printer or The Printing Agency
As a graphic designer, once you have finalized you design you would be on the lookout for a digital printer to get your print work done. When you are searching for a digital or commercial printer, you should ask questions to see if that print shop or the advertising agency is the right company for your needs. Building a satisfactory working relationship would be in best interests for you as a professional as well so that you could work together on other future projects as well. Inquire about their preferred file type, the stock being used, templates, and preferred settings for PDF files. You should also clarify whether there is a cost associated to get a proof copy and if there is a setup fee which would be waived for re-orders with the printing company in question.

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