Selecting The Best Breast Pump

When a new mother decides to exclusively breastfeed her new baby, she will want to be prepared with a high-quality breast pump for times she is not able to do a feeding on her own. Many new mothers will rely on a breast pump to relieve pressure when the baby is not interested in feeding, as well as building up a stockpile of breast pump in case of an emergency or when the mother needs someone else to take over a feeding session. Here are the different options available in breast pumps to help someone decide which is best for their specific situation.

Manual Breast Pumps

A hand (or manual) breast pump does not require electricity to run. The breast pump is placed over the breast and nipple and pumped manually to get milk flow started. The milk will then end up in a bottle attached to the bottom of the unit. This type of breast pump has several benefits including:

  • Costs much less than an electric pump
  • Is convenient to carry and transport
  • Does not need an electrical source

Electric Breast Pumps

An electric breast pump is another type of pump new mothers find to be convenient. This type of breast pump does require an electrical source to operate it effectively. There may be a lot of paraphernalia to haul around to be able to hook up the breast pump properly, but this offsets the fact that the breast milk will be pumped thoroughly. Once the settings are in place, the mother can hold the pump up to her breast and enjoy reading a book or watching television instead of needing to perform the pumping action to get milk to flow. Some of the benefits of this type of pump include:

  • Convenience in doing less work to express milk
  • Ease of use-select settings and pump milk right away

Finding the right pump for a specific situation can be difficult without knowing what types of pumps are on the market. One way to take away the mystery when purchasing a pump is to read over breast pump reviews which one is best. This will allow the new mother to compare options and read over summaries from other users before determining which type to purchase.

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