Drones For Beginners: A Review of the Phantom 4

Drones are getting more and more popular these days. There are professional drone flyers that compete with other flyers in events all over the country. Enthusiasts are able to explore and discover like never before. Some of the most advanced drones barely need a pilot at all. Typical users aren’t really interested in that, they want to enjoy the flight and maybe even capture some great footage along the way. A drone enthusiast could easily spend thousands of dollars on their dream drone. They might even custom build one. For those who aren’t really ready for that kind of investment, there are some more affordable and user-friendly models that might be a better start. Some of the leading brands recognize the need for entry-level drones, which is why some of the most popular drone websites will feature a review of the phantom 4.

Novice users will thoroughly enjoy this lightweight model. This slick little drone is pretty small, but it’s surprisingly powerful. Beginners will have no problem adapting to the controls or finding out how to do some of the pre-programmed tricks. Automated features can definitely save the day. Tap to fly is a great way to navigate to some tricky spots without having to navigate the controls. Automatic obstacle avoidance means there won’t be any accidental crashes on the first flight. With a flight time of about twenty-three minutes, there should be plenty of time to do some exploring or just plain have fun capturing interesting footage with the built-in camera.

Many drone models cost several hundred dollars. Finding a good drone for les than two hundred dollars is quite a challenge. It’s a good idea to read a few reviews to narrow down the results. Getting the list down to just a few possibilities should make it easier to find videos on a popular video sharing site. These videos acn shoe the drone in action and really show what it has to offer. Drone enthusiasts that want to get started don’t have to invest hundreds of dollars if they take the time to check out the latest models and brands online before making a decision.

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