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Finding the Ideal Vehicle Graphics & Wraps Provider for Your Business

Most companies have recognized the benefits of graphics for vehicles in the perspective of marketing. This is, perhaps one of the most powerful advertising tools that draws great impressions from people all around. Vehicle graphics & wraps is an important commitment made for a long term, thus one must install it with extreme care. Only an efficient vehicle graphics provider can make sure that your investment is not put to waste. Are you on the lookout for the right vehicle graphics provider? Here are some tips:


Evaluate the company’s design quality by asking for their design portfolio. Have a look through the designs and evaluate if the nature of the business and the message that it’s trying to communicate, is well conveyed to you. Good companies will implement innovative design strategies to keep your brand and business stand out.

You should also check for reviews and testimonials online to see how-well the company’s experience reflects in the quality of its service being offered to their clients.


Ask the company about the type of materials being used. Ensure that they use branded materials in majority as they ensure great quality and durability for your signs. For digitally printed signs, lamination is a requirement irrespective of the quality of ink being used for printing purposes. Lamination is important as it protects the wrapped surface from UV rays which could lead to fading and other environmental factors that could damage it. Some companies might not adopt lamination to cut corners and save you on billing; however the quality of such wraps degrades gradually over time. On the other hand, a reliable company would go with the same process to ensure your investment is rewarded for long term.


What if your wraps get damaged? Ask the company if they’ll be responsible and cover the costs for you just in case your wrap or graphics fails or gets damaged. Expenses are covered for you if the damage is caused due to application issues or other problems occurred during installation.

Reputable companies will make the repairs in an affordable manner to make them look new. The same applies with a warranty as well. Opt for extended care warranty so that regular maintenance and fixes are made to your wraps/graphics.

Get in touch with a reliable vehicle graphics and wraps provider, who’d offer you the best of product and service in a cost effective manner.

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Political Magnets Act As A Great Advertising Tool For Your Party

It is generally seen that during the election period each and every political party tries to attract the attention of people. There are many ways by which one can inform the public of one’s candidature. One of the best ways by which one can immediately draw the attention of people is by using political magnets that will surely help you to win the elections in the long run. A political magnet can be customized as per the requirements of each political party. These magnets are definitely considered exclusive marketing material which will work and will provide you the attention your campaign needs in order to succeed in the upcoming elections.

Is your political party working on a budget and you are worried as to how you can market your campaign with such a limited budget? Well, don’t worry because you can effectively kick-start your campaign by investing a little amount on political magnets. These magnets are applied on vehicles and they will perform their job efficiently while your vehicle is moving from one area to another. One of the advantages of these magnets is that it is able to successfully run your campaign throughout the day at different locations as your vehicle moves to different locations from morning to night.

A political magnet is therefore a moving billboard which can incorporate the name and photograph of the person who is contesting the elections. This magnet acts as a great advertising tool because your vehicle keeps changing locations and thus it helps in attracting new people who see them and get to know about this particular candidate. This medium is highly popular and this is one of the reasons why political parties are using this method for gaining attention of many people.

These magnets are portable in nature. Moreover, these magnets will not damage the finish of your car when they are applied and removed in a proper way. Are you having many vehicles for running your campaign? Well, then you can effectively make use of these magnets by just swapping them from say a van to a car or vice versa as the case may be.

Do you want to reach out to untapped voters? Then what are you waiting for? Just check out entire range of political magnets available in the market and then place an order for your customized magnet for helping you to reach to the masses in no time at all. These magnets are very durable and available in different sizes. These magnets can be personalized in such a way that it helps one to gain the attention of its onlooker with its exclusive appeal.

So, if you are contesting the upcoming elections and want to create the right impression about your party, then just opt for advertising with the help of political magnet and see how it helps you to gain the attention of large crowd within shortest possible time.

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Public Transportation Advertising

No matter where you look chances are you can spot an advertisement of some sort within a few feet of you. While social media advertising has risen in popularity, some of the older methods are still proven to be successful but still need to step it up in order to keep up with the digital world. One older method of advertisement that has undergone a bit of a revamp in recent years is bus and public transportation advertising.

Chances are if you live in a big city or area which has public transportation, you’ve probably seen buses driving down the street completely covered in large graphics advertising some chain restaurant or other company. I’ll be honest, when I first saw one of these buses driving through my college campus I was a bit concerned about the safety of it and wondered how in the world they could see through all that plastic! Upon further examination I realized that the material was FULL of tiny little holes that let light shine through. Now as someone who would shortly be entering the design and advertising field, I thought this was pretty genius.

Pre-tiny hole graphics, most bus advertising was done using printed signs that were slid into some metal railings and took up a 2 x 5 foot space. While at the time this was a great method, the chances of you being able to grab the attention of thousands of people in such a tiny space going 30 miles per hour down the road is fairly slim. These small billboards also didn’t offer much advertising real estate and therefore the bus companies probably didn’t make much off the deal.

With these new see thru graphics, a new world of possibilities opened up for transportation advertising. The average 40 foot bus has at least 3000 square feet of advertising space! That is a lot of opportunity for companies to get their face out there and because of the versatility of the product, multiple companies can advertise at once in a single space, bringing down the cost.

One of the other great benefits to this vehicle advertising is the mobility. Public transportation is constantly on the go and particularly in large cities, you’ll be able to reach a greater number of viewers than you would with say a stationary billboard.

If a large bus is a bit out of your budget, don’t worry! See thru graphics can be cut to fit any car and are a great way to advertise your small business on your personal vehicle as well. Most companies will do custom graphics to fit your rearview window so you can create your own moving billboard.

While there are hundreds of different advertising methods available today, few take the time to consider the old tried and true methods. With a little revamp and updating, you can take a proven method and make it even better! So get out there and get your advertising on!

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Five Offline Advertising Mantras for Startups

The stream of business is ever demanding. People in the marketing department of a business startup have to be on their toes to stay abreast the rapidly changing marketing trends and consumer behavior. This is to be backed up with creativity and a lot of quick-witted advertising tactics. Amongst a number of challenges a startup faces, competition from established counterparts and other new players entering the market can pose a threat. Therefore, it becomes imperative for a startup to be more considerate towards its marketing and advertising techniques.

A decent online marketing strategy is essential for a brand to get noticed. However, digital marketing is not the only way to muster customer attention. There are potent offline advertising strategies that give better brand recognition and consumer response. If you haven’t considered taking up offline marketing, give a boost to your startup with the following five mantras:

1. Outdoor Advertising – Outdoor advertising is fundamentally meant to publicize your business. There are a number of touch points using which you can expose your business to the public such as billboards, taxis and business vehicles, exteriors of buses, etc. Out of these, putting billboards on high traffic areas of a city is a significant way to catch attention. Digital billboards score even more on the attention meter. While attaining billboard space is not easy and reasonable but it is worth it given the kind of brand exposure it gives. Roam around your city and you will find McDonald’s, Subway, Pepsi and adverts of telecom companies gleaming on the billboards.

2. Flyers, pamphlets & catalogues – These seem to be quite old adverts. However, they do get results. The thing to be taken care with them is not to miss out on the creativity. Rather, try putting in some exceptional creativity on these print materials. Flyers should be in the form of informative info-graphics to catch the readers’ attention seamlessly. Some marketing gurus underrate this form of advertising in this internet-age, but remember; there are people who happily welcome and read “glossy papers” (what flyers and pamphlets are colloquially called). Flyers, pamphlets and catalogues have a unique audience of their own and they don’t much bother the expense sheet. Cosmetic giants like Lakme and Oriflame utilize this form of advertising and benefit from it.

3. Trade Shows – Participation in trade shows is another potential way to enhance brand recognition and creating leads. Trade shows offer a great platform to display your product range, target a specific stratum of audience, sell the products and create leads within few days. Discounts and free samples offered while the trade show is on will make people flock towards your brand. Trade shows are also a great way to boost a business via word of mouth since happy customers captured on a trade show are bound to talk about the brand / product with others in their social network.

4. Paper cup advertising – Paper cup advertising surmounts many other offline advertising techniques. Probably, this is the only form of offline advertisement technique which offers undivided brand exposure. While other offline and even online ads have considerable chances of getting unnoticed, this form of advertisement promises high engagement of the targeted audience. A paper cup can be used to get an ad printed on it. This may include a company’s logo, contact number, website address, a crisp punch line, a call to action sometimes accompanied with a discount coupon code for a product or service, etc. An easy to carry cup becomes an effective ad on the go since it accommodates nub of the message a company intends to convey.

Why paper cup advertising promises undivided user engagement?

Paper cups are a common sight in corporate offices, eateries, school and college canteens, small food joints, etc. At every place these cups are used, people are bound to spend time while consuming their beverages or maybe even water. Everybody spends time having a cup of coffee or a cold drink. Don’t they? So, if a cup in their hand is bedecked with striking graphics and crisp words depicting a company’s objective, it surely gets noticed. With paper cup advertising, the exposure time of a brand and its message is high. It is within this timeframe that ad on the paper cup effectively plays its part.

How a startup can use it?

Printed paper cups can be distributed at popular places like corporate offices, food joints, restaurants, shopping stores, school and college canteens, etc. where they are likely to come in contact with loads of people the advert is being aimed at. However, it is recommended to consult an expert cup advertising team to carry out a successful campaign. Startups like Scripbox (investment consultants), NestAway (a company that provides houses for tenants), Chillr (a money transfer app), etc. have consulted GingerCup to use paper cup advertising to their advantage.

5. Branded Merchandise – Away from the din of other marketing techniques, a startup can make optimal use of branded merchandise. In that context, company’s logo or a one liner to heighten its impact can be printed on small useful merchandise like pens, diaries, mouse pads, etc. that could be distributed on charity events and can be donated to local organizations. Doing this, a company projects itself in a positive light and harvests bigger benefits in the long run.

Thus, the perks of offline advertising are manifold. You just have to kick-start it and get the ball rolling for your startup.

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